Changing descriptions

Hi, me again. I’m trying to change some descriptions in my game after a certain action is performed. I was rather hoping I could do this without using If clauses. I had

After action is performed:
say “blah blah blah”; now the door is open; now the object has the description “blah blah blah”

The list of consequences to the action is actually longer in the game, and everything else is working fine (objects are moving and appearing properly), but I’m getting an error message about the new description, which I think means it was expecting a condition to be given (for the change to occur?), but surely the condition is the action being performed, hence the change appearing after the semi-colon.

Any help?

Try now the description of object is "...";

I think you want:

Now the description of the object is "blah blah blah."

(Assuming you’ve got a specific object named in there – if your rule could apply to different things, then you’d want “Now the description of the noun…”

Thanks so much, that sorted everything. It’s so picky!