Changing Character...and then back again

Sorry, another question. I am working on my game and using as many resources as I can but I have come across something in the Inform Handbook ( that I need. It is perfect for a Scene I have set in my game where your conscience is transported to another NPC so you take the game from their perspective.
The concept of the scene is you have been captured and in the mad scientist lab. Your conscience is sent into the body of another to do some deed. Part of you fights this and you actually control the NPC for a whil to solve some puzzles that will let you free your real body (the player) and then get back into your original body.

In the Handbook there is a section on p153 that describes changing the player to others:
The Test Lab is a room. “Many devious tests are conducted here.”
Bingo is an animal in the Lab. The description is “[if the player is Bingo]You are[otherwise]Bingo is[end
if] a peppy-looking cocker spaniel.”
Bob is a man in the Lab. The description is “[if the player is Bob]You are[otherwise]Bob is[end if] a
heavyset, muscular man.”
The player is Bob.
Linda is a woman in the Lab. The description is “[if the player is Linda]You are[otherwise]Linda is[end
if] a sultry and curvaceous beauty.”
The red button is in the Lab.
Instead of pushing the red button:
if the player is Bob:
now the player is Linda;
say “A strange tingly feeling overtakes you. You feel much more feminine than before.”;
otherwise if the player is Linda:
now the player is Bingo;
say “Your head spins. When you recover, things seem to have changed. The world is
larger, and you’re covered with fur.”;
now the player is Bob;
say “You feel odd for a moment Yes, you’re human again, and muscular, and male.”

How would I code the final example for this of going back to your own body. Logic tells me I cannot put:
now the player is player

as if the player was Bob then that is just saying that bob is now bob.

Any help on this would be great.

The default player is called ‘yourself’, so it’d be ‘now the player is yourself.’ If you prefer, you can start the game with a different initial player character, like so:

The player is Ingrid.

You have the line “The player is Bob.” in there, so you can change back with “now the player is Bob”.