Changes to heading mark-up behaviour

Twine Version: 2.4.1
Story Format: Harlowe 3.3.1

So having just upgraded to the latest twine/harlowe version I tested the story I’m working on and discovered a change that I wasn’t able to find documented anywhere (though I may have missed it).

Previously it was possible to use heading mark-up to style a link. So

###[[Link Text]]

would display the link as if styled with <h3> tags

Now it displays ###Link Text, which is obviously not what I’m looking for, and given that I’ve used this quite extensively is a bit of a nuisance.

I know I can style the links using the (link-style:) or (enchant-in:) macros, but given that there’s quite a lot of them, and that it adds extra clutter to some already quite complex nested hook structures, I’d much rather be able to do it in the quick and easy way I did before. I suspect I know the answer, but before I go to all the effort of changing things, has anyone found an easy way around this, or am I going to have to update everything to styling by macro? Alternatively, is there any way the Harlowe developer can be persuaded to reverse this in the next minor update?

Thanks in advance

Technically, that’s an invalid Markdown ATX header. It could be that newer versions of Harlowe have gotten strict about that.

Try with a space between the header markup and the content:

### [[Link Text]]

EDIT: I found no mentions of any change to ATX headers within the changelogs in its documentation, but it’s possible that I simply missed any notes.

Thanks for the technical information. I sort of figured it was probably something like that, but as it wasn’t documented, I was hopeful.

Sadly putting a space doesn’t seem to change anything, so I shall just have to style them all with macros.

Thanks anyway