Changes: ifcomp 2012 testers wanted

So I’ve got this game. It’s a science fiction game of, well, changing. It’s got an alien planet, strange lifeforms, eschatology and some really big [spoilers].

This is my first proper game which isn’t an abuse, and as such I have absolutely no idea whether it’s hard, easy, long, short, or in fact any good. Ideally I should have had alpha testing going for a while, but it took a bit longer to write than I thought, so I’m going to have to pack it all in (including the rewrites) into two weeks. Go me.

Ideally I’d rather like to get two rounds of testing in, but given time and personpower constraints I’d be grateful for any assistance people are willing to give.

If you’d like to give this a try, please email me at — I should be able to get the game to you tomorrow.

I’ve now got some people lined up, so the urgency is off — but if anyone else wants a go, the more the merrier!

(Unless you were planning on voting for it, of course…)