Change of output

Hello everyone,

what I am trying to accomplish is rather simple. It does need however some skills that are beyond me at this point. I want to switch all output that is generated automatically by the project to be switched to lowercase and lowercase only. I would prefer a way that’s native to the IDE.

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There was a similar thread recently about switching all output to uppercase.

You could try any of those methods in reverse so to speak.
Some of them may give more control over the game’s behaviour, but if you simply want all text output to be in lowercase letters, it seems you could just add this to your source code in the IDE:

[code]Include (-
[ lowercase_filter character;

To force lowercase: (- @setiosys 1 lowercase_filter; -).

A startup rule (this is the always force lowercase rule):
force lowercase.[/code]
For this to work you also have to open the “Settings” tab in the IDE and choose “Glulx” (rather than Z-code) as the story file format.

Dear Mr. Larsson,

thank you for your help. It seems to work fine.

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Is it “lower case” that you actually want, or do you mean “sentence case”? Having every single character in lower case might not be aesthetically pleasing.