Change locked door response

I wish to change to default response to trying to get through a locked door (but just for one particular door). I tried the following which complies but doesn’t do anything, default response is still returned:

Instead of going south from cave when strong oak door is locked:
Say “this”

This works for me. Keep in mind I know very little about Inform so this might not be exactly what you wanted.

The gate is east of the example location and west of the secret vault. The gate is a locked door.

The gold key is in the example location. The gold key unlocks the gate.

Instead of opening the gate when the gate is locked:
	say "You'd rather not"

Example Location

Outside the door.

You can see a gate and a gold key here.

> open gate
You’d rather not

> unlock gate with key

(first taking the gold key)

You unlock the gate.

> e

(first opening the gate)

Secret Vault

You see loads of gold.

You can see a gate here.

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