I’m working on a master’s degree in computer science and taking a class in Haskell. It’s been fun to see parallels with Inform 7, and when I mentioned it to a TA, he told me about this language called Ceptre. Here’s a paper about it, which mentions Twine and Inform 7:


The first thing I noticed in the paper, however, is that there’s a citation from a paper co-authored by “Gordon Plotkin.” Any relation, Zarf?

No, unrelated Plotkin.

But Ceptre has been mentioned on the forum a couple of times before.

Cool! I’ve been away for quite some time…

If you’re interested in Ceptre, it’s discussed in greater length in Chris’s thesis: cs.cmu.edu/~cmartens/thesis/thesis.pdf

And the repo is on Github: github.com/chrisamaphone/interactive-lp