Celestory Creator (Create an IF game in minutes!)

Hello everyone! This is Pierre of Celestory Studio. We love gamebooks, text adventures, and all other forms of interactive storytelling media out there. Which is why, we have developed the Celestory Creator! A very easy to use game engine that allows you to create your own interactive story in just a few minutes. You can create a video game for any platform you want (iOS, Android, Amazon Alexa, Steam) a chatbot, an Alexa skill, or interactive video without the need to code!

The Celestory Creator allows you to create a graph that shows you all possible branches of your story. You can add your own media to your project (ie: music, images, videos etc) or you can use the ones that come with the engine. Once you are finished with your game, you can then generate it and monetize it right away!

If you are interested and would like to download the Celestory creator, or would like to know more information, you can go to our website:

You can also contact us for any other questions you may have at, contact@celestorystudio.com

Thank you for your attention!



Can you explain a bit how your publishing model works. Unfortunately i could not find details on the website;

Suppose I make a game with your product, am i able to put it on the app stores or must it go through your publishing platform.

Can you explain how the 20% revenue share works. For example if it is on an app store, for example Google Play who take 30%, does that mean the author will net
(1-30%)*(1-20%) = 56%? or otherwise how does it work?

Thanks and good luck!



Thank you for asking!

Your calculation is correct. If you were to put it on Google Play, you as the author will net 56%.

I admit I haven’t dug beyond a glance at the website, but per @jkj_yuio’s question, I’m curious if there are free solutions, such as either being able to download an HTML file of a created story, or export an app that’s not on the app store. Can creations be played on the Celestory website directly?

Unfortunately right now, you can only export from the engine the game/story you created as a ZIP file. You can play a free game from one of the app stores, if the creator decides to make it free. Also, you cannot play the creations on the Celestory website directly.