Celestianpower's review: My Name is Jack Mills

My My name is Jack Mills review follows :slight_smile:.

I really enjoyed this one. It had just the right combination of humour (“hopefully the guests aren’t paying extra for the view” on examining a wall is typical) and plot for me. The puzzles were challenging, but not undoable, though I did find that I knew what I wanted to do, but couldn’t find the right command a few more times than I’d have liked.

On the subject of implementation, the game was pretty solid. I didn’t notice any bad spelling or grammar, and the conversation topics were handled particularly well; nearly everything I asked about expecting an answer was catered-for. I did notice various spacing errors from time to time, but these were only very minor and occasional. The game was obviously thoroughly beta-tested.

As for the multiple endings, I only managed to complete two of them. Even with the walkthrough I couldn’t do the other two (Geigner didn’t turn up for Emmy’s date; I couldn’t work out how to bid for the mask). They were all brilliant ideas, but, as said before, could have done with more synonyms. I also would have liked to have seen the professor again at the end.

Even though this was a “gangster”-type game, there were no corpses to examine. Good show. Final score: 8.