Celebrating 32 years of marriage to IF

Back in 1980 I met and fell in love with IF. She was a simple girl, teasing me with her trophy case and caves. Later, it led to a romance with TADS, Inform, the Annual Comp, Speed-IF, printing the Inform Designer Manual and the Beginner’s Guide, then kicking off the IFWiki with David Welbourn, and then Textfyre and its several successes.

IF and I have never really had any problems. We sometimes spend time away from each other, but the love never diminishes.

I will never leave her, she is my one true love.

David C.

Everybody needs some time on their own, you know? (Although I admit that in general, Axl Rose might not be the first guy to turn to for relationship advice.)

Admit it: it’s her huge tracts of land.