Categorized actions

I am wondering why the following will not pass the compiler—

A mykey is a kind of thing. The apartment key, the car key, the utility key and the mailbox key are mykeys. A mykey can be ringed or unringed. Unlocking something with a mykey is being handy. Locking something with a mykey is being handy. Pulling something with the utility key is being handy.

The ‘pulling it with’ action is one that I created to accommodate the use of the ‘utility’ key to pry off or pry open things(Understand “pry [something] with [something]” as pulling it with…)–I have an unidentified key on my own keyring which I use often at work to pry tiny rivets and screws off of the wheels of our equipment, sometimes they get picked up while we roll heavy stuff around on the floor–I want to write this kind of key into my game. For some reason the compiler rejected that last sentence–was it because it’s not similar to locking/unlocking? Or is it simply because the line where I create the action is later in the code than the one where I define ‘being handy’…??

Turns out I was right–I simply had to move the line where I created the ‘pulling it with’ action to a point before where I defined ‘being handy’.