Catalyst - Looking for beta testers

Hi everyone, I’m looking for someone interested in reading through my newest interactive fiction called Catalyst. It’s a creepypasta/interactive story with different ending.

Catalyst is an unsettling interactive narrative into the world of psychotherapy. The story is told through newspaper articles, notes left by a disgruntled secretary, unwelcome letters, audio tape recordings and a unique journal that evolves throughout the game based on the player’s own insightful analysis of an unusual therapy session.

The game is presently in Closed-Beta. ( Limited access to a few testers.) Everything works, but I would appreciate some feedback on the general experience.

Send me a message if you have the time, the patience and the desire to read thought the game and give feedback.

Note - You will need to have Steam account ( the game is distributed via Steam ) – I will send you a Steam key

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Bumping this since we are having a sale this week on this game! :smiley: