Cash prizes for writing reviews this year!

Can non-authors vote? I appreciate good reviews too…

This year, it’s just the authors’ vote. If this is carried on to next year, I think quite a few rules will change. But I’d rather not mix up the rules at this point.

I’d like to say that this competition had an effect; we had 150 more reviews this year than last year, and had 4 people who reviewed every game, as opposed to 2 (I think) last year. But of course it’s hard to say.

If any non-authors want to send in votes, I can (give a sample size of 10 or larger) list the top 3 reviewers with that vote, just as a side-competition, like Miss Congeniality. So feel free to send them in!

I can confirm that, while I was hoping to play all of the games anyway, this competition was what inspired me to share them online.

Great! Thanks for doing it, I read yours everyday; your site is the first thing that comes up when I type ‘a’.

I have received 4 ballots so far, and there has been some surprising variation in scores. So every ballot is going to count a lot in this competition!

Today is the last day for ballots! I’ve received around 7 so far, which is pretty good, but the more people that participate, the better; with such a small group, your ballot can drastically affect things. Thanks for everyone who has responded!

Three hours until the deadline!