Carrying capacity?

Is there an easy way to give the player a carrying capacity, but make certain items insignificant so they don’t count towards this capacity?

I have Bulky Items included, and that has an “insubstantial” property, but that’s only for managing bulky items.

I’d replace the “can’t exceed carrying capacity” rule in the Standard Rules so that it only counts and applies to significant items. If you have holdalls, you’ll have to rewrite the “use player’s holdall to avoid exceeding carrying capacity” rule as well.

You also might want to write rules that deal with these bugs.

If you’re worried about carrying capacity of things other than the player, you’d have to rewrite more rules if you take this approach.

I’m using the Bulk Limiter extension by Eric Eve… it’s quite simple, and does the job nicely. Basically it gives all things a number called “bulk” and gives containers and people a number called “bulk capacity”. I think all you’d have to do then to make an object insubstantial is say [code]An insubstantial-thing is a kind of thing.

The bulk of an insubstantial-thing is usually 0.

The flypaper, the cookie recipe, and the stork feather are insubstantial-things.[/code]

Hope this helps! :mrgreen:

Great suggestions, I’ll investigate both. :slight_smile: Thank you.