Carrying Bulk/Weight Limit and Bags/Backpacks

Here is the scenario, perhaps there are some samples or tutorials you could point me to. I would like to allow the player to only carry a large Bible and a lantern. If they try to pick up anything else, they should be told their hands are too full etc. But somewhere in the game will be a messenger bag. If they are carrying or wearing the bag, then they can carry a great deal more.

I have looked around online and in the docs but haven’t found an example of a scenario similar to this.

I have tried using a bulk attribute on the actor, then setting weight values in the Things but that didn’t work, I was allowed to pick up any items I wanted.


Bulk and weight are two independent limitation factors. Try setting bulk on items and bulkCapacity on actor (or weight on items and weightCapacity on actor or both). Look here: for these properties and here: for a bag.

Excellent information! Thank you so much. I’ll try this out tonight.