Carry & Wear An Animal?

How would I go about making an animal carry-able (like in Lost Pig) and also wearable (like clothing)?

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If you enter RULES while you test in the IDE, you can see which rules apply to the current action. If you then try to TAKE an animal (for example a raven which we want the protagonist to have on his shoulder), you’ll see that the taking action is stopped when the “can’t take other people rule” is applied:

[Rule “can’t take other people rule” applies.]
I don’t suppose the raven would care for that.

One way to override this is to write:

The can't take other people rule does nothing when taking the raven.

For wearing, you can just declare the animal as wearable:

The raven is wearable.

Together, this results in:

>wear raven
(first taking the raven)
You put on the raven.

You are carrying:
a raven (being worn)


Thanks much, that was super helpful!