Care to revisit a good but neglected game?

My game RANS came out 11 years ago and promptly fell through the cracks, though it received a fair and balanced review in SPAG and earned a few favorable comments from the likes of Messrs. Cadre and Plotkin (gulp). I think it’s a nifty game in a lot of ways, and I encourage people to play it. It only got minimal beta-testing, so there could be bugs galore I don’t know about. (The ones I do know about aren’t enough to make me issue a new version … yet. I’d probably have to call on someone proficient in Inform 6 to help with that, since I’ve forgotten most of what I knew. Too much work at this point to port it to 7!) There are probably also lots of people who’ve played it but whose comments never got back to me. I took a decade-long hiatus from i.f., and to get back into the rhythm I’ve produced a new walkthrough for the game which features a lot of inessential wandering about and suggestions for things to try, in addition to a complete solution. The game has always been zipped with a hint file, if you prefer that. I hope the walkthrough will be up in the archive before too long. Give my game a try!

Bob Reeves

I just read the SPAG review, and I’m downloading the game right now. The concept sounds really good. I love high fantasy myself; it’s my favorite genre for novels. Even though this game probably isn’t high fantasy itself; it sounds as if its about fantasy, much like the book/movie Inkheart (of which I’ve only seen the movie). I’d really to play Rans though I can’t guarantee that I’ll get to it right away. Thanks for the update. :slight_smile:

The walkthrough is available, in case you don’t want to deal with the puzzles (“whose difficulty is extreme,” according to Duncan Stevens: I disagree).