Can't understand parser's choice of noun here (solved)

I’ve got a problem where Inform seems to be generating and understanding a plural on its own when I don’t want it to, though it may just appear that way to an English-speaking human like me.

Here’s a demo gallery with two paintings, structured to mimic what’s going on in my WIP. The main painting can be addressed as LANDSCAPE. A part of the smaller painting can be addressed as LANDSCAPES. In spite of there being no mention of LANDSCAPES plural in relation to the main painting, typing X LANDSCAPES always goes to the main painting, with response ‘the painting is pretty.’. Does anyone know what’s going on? Tracing the two X actions gives identical output in each case.

gallery is a room.

john is a man. the player is john.

painting is a privately-named thing in gallery.
Understand "painting/landscape" as painting.

Description of painting is "The painting is pretty.".

smaller-painting is a privately-named backdrop in gallery.
Understand "smaller/painting" as smaller-painting.

landscapes-bit is a privately-named part of smaller-painting.
Understand "landscapes" as landscapes-bit.

Description of landscapes-bit is "You explicitly examine the landscapes in the smaller painting.".

Test me with "x landscapes".

Ugh - OK, it’s because LANDSCAPE is already a 9-letter word, right :slight_smile:


Note that, if I remember right, you can increase the dictionary word resolution on Glulx. So if this is important, you can boost it to 10.