Can't "shoot" woman?

I am new to inform 7 and have run into an issue. Here’s what I have written down:
Main gate is a room

Jane is a woman in the Main gate.

Joe is a man in the Main gate.

shooting is an action applying to one thing.
Understand “shoot” as shooting.

After shooting:
Say “You shot [noun]!”

And here’s the result that I get in my game when I type “Shoot Jane”

Main gate
You can see Jane and Joe here.

>shoot jane
I only understood you as far as wanting to shoot.

Hi C,

You need a text token in your grammar line to show Inform where to expect the noun:

Understand “shoot [something]” as shooting.

See Ch. 17.1 “Understand”

Also you usually want the message in a report rule:

Report shooting:
	say “You shot [the noun]!”

Notice it’s “the noun”, so it works with both proper and improper nouns.

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Thank you very much!