Can't post in IFComp 2018 categories?

It doesn’t look like I can post new topics to, or follow up in, the IFComp 2018 General Discussion or Individual Game Discussion forums at the moment. (And from the lack of chatter there, I guess no one else can either?)

Ugh. I’m sure I messed up the permissions. Let me go check.

OK, try it now? Unfortunately the people who can set up the forums also can generally post to everything, so it’s hard to check whether I’ve set up the forum with proper permissions. Maybe I should set up an alternate account for testing.

Thanks for looking!

Unfortunately I still don’t see a “New topic” button, or a “Post reply” button in the one thread that exists, like I do here. (I’ve tried fairly vigorously refreshing the pages in my browser.)

OK, try it now! I fiddled with some things and made a test account and it looks like I was able to use at least one of the forums.

Aha, is fix now. Thank you!

Yay! Sorry for the difficulty but hopefully I’ll remember what to do next time.