Can't move something during instead rule.

I’ve been working on learning Inform 7 recently, and I’ve run into a bit of a problem. During a section of my game, the player pushes a ladder around to try and reach things that are too high up to reach otherwise, and once they’ve retrieved them, push it over the edge into a shallow chasm so it can be used to climb back up the other side. Getting it pushed/pulled around, and using it to climb on is easy - but I’m having some trouble with the bit of code for pushing it over the cliff. Namely, pushing something generally causes both the thing and the player to move to the new location - if they’re pushing it off a cliff, I want the ladder to go, but the player to stay. I tried to do this by stopping the action with an instead rule and moving the ladder manually, but I can’t, it sticks to the player. If I move the player (regardless of weather it’s to where the action would normally have sent him, or somewhere totally different) the ladder goes too, but I can’t seem to move either one independently. How can I move the ladder as the result of the action, but not the player?

Instead of going with the ladder from cliff edge when noun is west or noun is down:
	if something is on the shelf:
		say "You don't want to push it over the edge, you wouldn't be able to get it back up, and you may need [the random thing on the shelf] later!";
		now the ladder is in storage area; [this seems to do absolutely nothing...]
		say "You shove the ladder over the edge.  It strikes the ground with a bang, but doesn't seem to have broken."

Any input would be much appreciated.

Something like this,

Cliff Edge is a room. 
Chasm is down from Cliff Edge.
Mesa is north from Cliff Edge.

The ladder is a pushable between rooms thing in Cliff Edge.
The can't push vertically rule is not listed in the check pushing it to rulebook.

Instead of pushing the ladder to down when in Cliff Edge:
	say "You push the ladder into the chasm.";
	move the ladder to the Chasm.
test me with "push ladder n / push ladder s / look / push ladder d / look / d"

The main point is ‘pushing it to down’ – you don’t push things to a room, you push things to a direction. I didn’t know this at first, but doing ‘actions’ in the game showed it plainly enough after entering the push command.

Thanks! That did it!