Can't move a scenery item?

I have a scenery item (a scarf) that I need to move at a certain point in the game from one room to another.


Move the scarf to the workshop.

  • it compiles fine, but the damn scarf doesn’t move!

Just being able to make it invisible would do.

Probably mssing something simple but I’m stumped!


Why put the poor scarf as scenery, if I may ask? I find it helps thinking of scenery as… well, scenery: big, stuck background objects that usually don’t play an important part in the game.

Is it because you don’t want it to appear in the room description?

What’s the story behind the scarf that you consider making it sceery?

Because it’s being worn by a NPC who at some point in the game moves from the room to nowhere (another version of him appears in a diiferent room)


Bob Cratchitt is a person.

Description of Bob Cratchitt is "A man his late thirties, with thinning dark hair and a warm smile. He is wearing a heavily worn cord jacket with leather elbow patches, faded blue jeans and an enormous scarf that touches the ground. "

Scarf is a scenery object.

Scarf is inside Backroom of Cash Converters.

Description of scarf is “An enormously long scarf, it is wrapped several times around Bob’s neck and is still touching the floor. Looks like it was knitted from many different coloured scraps of wool.”

Instead of taking Scarf:
Say “Bob is wearing it!”

If you simply say “Bob is wearing the scarf”, then the player will not be able to take it (unless you write rules to allow that), and it will move along with Bob.

But you can move scenery just like anything else. I’d have to see more of your code to see why your “move” instruction isn’t working.

Thanks both. I didn’t realise that NPC could wear clothes like that, have fixed it and it works a charm.