Can't find shears in Mushroom Hunt

Here’s what I’ve tried so far in this charming Cavejam game:




I’m not sure what to do next, because I can’t figure out what verb to do or what to check next. Any suggestions?

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X BASE will work after you perform X HAMMER in one of other rooms.

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Thanks! I never did both those things in the same playthrough. I really appreciate your help!

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There are virtually no puzzles in this game. You just have to examine everything, but you have to examine some things in the right order. Let me try to explain.

You can examine something in room A and you get a response, but nothing special happens. You can then examine something in room B and you get a response, but nothing special happens (except that it sets an internal flag). If you then go back to room A and examine the same thing a second time (after the flag is set), you get a different response and maybe something new appears. There is absolutely no hint that you have to examine the thing in room B before examining the thing in room A. After examining the thing in room B, there is no indication that anything has changed in room A.

Got that?

Anyway, if you get really desperate, I recently uploaded a map and solution to CASA at This explains not only how to defeat this frustrating game, but also how to get a perfect score.

I do love the hidden Easter egg in Mushroom Hunt… a nod back to an earlier game… that requires you to fight all instincts of self-preservation to discover it.

(If you’re like me, and never do what a game tells you, then you’ll discover it pretty easily.)

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Yeah, that was pretty neat. Probably the best thing in the game. I made sure I saved the game beforehand, though.