Can't consider a rule unless it's nothing-based?

I’ve been away for a while, so if this is a repeat question, please direct me to the appropriate place…

I’ve started trying to get Kerkerkruip working with 6M62, and I ran into a problem that could be hard to fix:

Has “consider” been limited to only handling nothing-based rules? The rule in question here is defined in the “Before asking which do you mean” rulebook. Is “considering” such a rule not allowed anymore?

“Consider” isn’t a phrase in 6M62 at all. Is it defined specially in Kerkerkruip?

There used to be a complicated difference between consider/follow/abide by, but when procedural rules were eliminated “consider” became redundant. So you probably want “follow” instead.

In fact what’s going on is probably that you have an old version of Numbered Disambiguation Choices; get the new one from the Public Library (it does indeed change “consider” to “follow”).

It does seem odd that you’re getting that error rather than one that tells you that “consider” isn’t a defined phrase.

Thanks! I’ve updated to version 7 of Numbered Disambiguation Choices.

I could not find a “to consider” phrase defined anywhere but I noticed that a lot of rules had the word “consider” in their names. I don’t know if that could have caused that error or not…

“To consider” definitely shouldn’t be defined as a phrase anywhere–it comes from old versions of the Standard Rules.

Even when I put a rule named “consider something” in this I can’t get the particular error you got, just the one that says that “consider” isn’t a defined phrase. Oh well. If it reoccurs and we can get a test case it might be worth filing as a misleading error message bug.

(And good to see you again!)