Can you imagine playing a German entry in IFcomp 2010?

Hi all,

so this is just an information for German IF authors:

Can you imagine playing German IF?
How do you rate your reading skills?

Hope I’ll get some answers …


Is there a German --> English playing card or something like that?

What do you exactly mean by “playing card” ?

I’m thinking about a quick reference guide added to the game, to give you an overview how the English standard verbs translate into German, because I guess verb-guessing and problems with the parser are the most obvious reason to quit the gameplay at once …

– MI

I’d have no problem playing a German IF that was translated into English, but since I don’t know German, I would not bother with an untranslated version. Is that what you are asking?

Yes, quick reference guide == playing card. My German is poor to non-existent, but I’d give it a go if I had some help (I voted Maybe).

The poll has been running now since a few weeks, and we have now over two hundred views and 16 votes:

I guess this failed to turn out as a representative majority of this community.
Hope I get some more votes.