Can the (count:) macro be applied to a sequence of variables?

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Can the (count:) macro be applied to a sequence of variables?
I wanted the user to assign weight(+2, +1, +1, 0, 0, -1) to each of the 6 variables.
So I used (cycling-link:) to select
After counting the number of each weight through the (count:) macro,
If the number of weights does not match the set value, a short warning message is displayed.
(go-to: ) macro to force the previous passage to be selected again.

The rest of the code works fine, but the problem occurred at the (count: ) macro step. This macro probably doesn’t count variable values.
Is there any way to solve this problem? Or is there a way to implement my intent in better code? Please help…

These are my code(in error):

STR: (cycling-link: bind $STR, "+2", "+1", "0", "-1")
DEX: (cycling-link: bind $DEX, "+2", "+1", "0", "-1")
CON: (cycling-link: bind $CON, "+2", "+1", "0", "-1")
INT: (cycling-link: bind $INT, "+2", "+1", "0", "-1")
WIS: (cycling-link: bind $WIS, "+2", "+1", "0", "-1")
CHA: (cycling-link: bind $CHA, "+2", "+1", "0", "-1")

(a: $STR, $DEX, $CON, $INT, $WIS, $CHA)

+2:(count: (a: $STR, $DEX, $CON, $INT, $WIS, $CHA), +2)
+1:(count: (a: $STR, $DEX, $CON, $INT, $WIS, $CHA), +1)
0:(count: (a: $STR, $DEX, $CON, $INT, $WIS, $CHA), 0)
-1:(count: (a: $STR, $DEX, $CON, $INT, $WIS, $CHA), -1)

In your first passage you assign character values to your variables, in your second passage you count numeric values in those variables.
You need to either get rid of your double quotes or to put double quotes everywhere.

I actually didn’t fully understand it, so I tried several things.
Remove everything) Cycling-link in the first passage doesn’t work properly
Paste everything)+2:(count: (a: "$STR", "$DEX", "$CON", "$INT", "$WIS", "$CHA"), +2) or +2:(count: (a: "$STR", "$DEX", "$CON", "$INT", "$WIS", "$CHA"), "+2")
There is still a problem that seems to be not counting
Is my understanding correct? Actually, it seems not.

oh it worked! It meant adding “” only to numbers.
I’m very grateful. It’s been a huge help.