Can I use inform 7 on the apple ii?

does the apple ii have an inform 7 interpreter? i’d love to make some new games that i can play on my physical apple iie, but i’ve only known interpreters for inform 6. and, at least for me, inform 7 is better. i’d rather write a book than write a game, and inform 7 feels more natural.

Here’s a link to a similar question and responses on this forum:

And here’s a link to a detailed PDF from 2017 about how you can work with Inform to produce something that will run on an Apple II:


I believe you can compile an Inform 7 game to Z-code version 5, which you can then run on a Z-code version 5 interpreter on an Apple II.

However, Inform 7 was not designed with 8-bit machines with slow CPUs and little RAM in mind. Inform 7 games get very slow on such computers.

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