Can I teleport?


I’m writing my first text adventure, so apologies if this is a stupid question.

Every year a group of friends and I go away to the same cottage for the weekend before christmas and eat, drink & make merry.
We call this Xmas 2.0
I’ve written a game based on the past 10 years of Xmas 2.0 to give as a gift to my friends this year.
It’s just a bit of fun but I’ve been inspired by playing the Zork anthology over the summer and wanted to have a go.
At the moment its just on paper.

The problem:
I want my story to open with the player at home in their room.
The player has to decide how they want to get to Xmas 2.0.
There are 5 options: Go in the car with Alex, Chloe or Frankie, Take the train with Sophie and Tone, or hijack the magic sleigh that just touched down outside…
3 of the options produce different descriptions of your journey, but all end up with you in the kitchen of the Xmas 2.0 house.
The option to go with Chloe gets you lost, but after completing some basic tasks you get to the kitchen.
The option to hijack the magic sleigh ends up with you on the roof of the Xmas 2.0 house. The only way in is down is the chimney, which leads to the kitchen.

After this, I’ll be able to map the xmas 2.0 house, but I can’t figure out how to get the player there!
Essentially what I need is a teleport.
Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.

As far as actually “teleporting”, you just need to “move” your player.

[code]AlexHouse is a room. Xmas2 is a room.

Check going north from AlexHouse:
say “Alex jumps in his car and speeds away. blah blah blah…”;
move the player to Xmas2 instead;[/code]