Can I Stop Making Inform 7 "You can see a (object) here."?

Hello, everyone! I’m new here!

So I just recently started using Inform 7, and I’m still trying to get a basic understanding of the program. I know the very basics, how to make a room and an object and all that. I noticed that whenever you make an object, say, an apple, it would say “You can see an apple here.” Unfortunately, the style that I’m making my story in doesn’t really need it to say that. So, can I stop it from saying that line of text every time there’s a new object?

Any help appreciated, thanks!

Check out the documentation section 3.8 about Scenery. :slight_smile:

Okay, thanks!

If you want to override it for a particular object, but still have it be portable, you can add an “initial appearance” for what it should say instead.

If you want to change the default behavior, you can do this.

Rule for writing a paragraph about something (called the item):
    say "There is [an item] here. How exciting!".