Can I still use ALAN 2 for indie releases?

I need an official position on ALAN 2, I understand that it is obsolete and no longer supported. However, it does cover more legacy platforms, like DOS and Amiga, and I do believe PPC Mac OS. I was wondering, and I did registered way back before ALAN 3 was a forethought in the past, can I still release ALAN 2 games for indie release at small prices like 5 bucks or less on sites like

Hi, I don’t think anything would stop you from releasing Alan 2 games and asking a fee for them. You might find it wise to include the interpreter with the released game so people can play the game more easily.

Thanks Anssi! BTW, You and Mikko are my favorite Finnish IF authors for sure! Love how you two have great prose in your games, plus also a fan of the Finnish black metal underground! Sargeist and Behexen!