Can I hide the cmd prompt in I6/7 or Tads?


I’d like to use an IF language to write a series of sci-fi chapters that are impersonating a normal book with endnotes but where the links occasionally plunge the reader into new territory. I want to hide the command prompt until the reader is plunged, letting them use hyperlinks, then I want to reveal the command prompt.

Is this possible with any IF language?

Thanks! … Lancish

I think the only way to do this is to build your own interpreter with that feature or use one of the web clients and add your own methods to hide/show the command prompt.

Sure, you can do this with both I6 and I7. I would guess that you could probably do it with TADS as well. Basically, you would prevent the library from showing the command prompt during the book sections, and instead substitute your own input routine that would look only for hyperlink input.

It’s possible with Tads. For an example, you can run Futz Mutz and type INFO. There’s no command prompt and only links are used.

The standard menu system in Inform 7 switches off the command prompt for as long as the menus are up, accepting keystroke input instead. Hyperlinks are conceptually no more difficult.

I built Bigger Than You Think in I7 (source code: It’s set up to accept both hyperlink and command-line input. But it would have been pretty easy to skip the command line, or turn it on and off.