Can a Twine game create and write to an external txt file?

No, I meant the opposite: if you went with cookies, your best bet (I would think) would be to play it online, because that wrapper could presumably read the cookie in question. Getting that info from the wrapper to the game would be the tricky part in that scenario. (Maybe it could load different .z5 files depending on the cookie?)

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Ah yeah, if the user is clicking “Save Game” and expecting to save a file, you can put whatever you want in the file, in whatever format. Ditto loading games. :+1:

Just a question of how hard it is to code that to it work with both Twine’s saves and for Inform. But it’s doable in theory and I bet not too bad in practice.


Thank you for the confirmation. I know it’s convoluted as hell, but it’s worth the payoff if I can pull it off.

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