Can a person not have a number?

I’m having a hard time figuring out why this is not working:

[code]The bear has a number called bearturns. The bearturns of the bear is usually zero.

Every turn:
if the bear can touch the player:
if bearturns of the bear is < 1:
say “The bear regards you for a moment with shock that you do not flee.”;
if bearturns of the bear is > 0:
end the story saying “The bear decides it is hungry enough to spend the energy it takes to kill you, which is admittedly very little. It plays with your body listlessly and discards you once it has stripped as much meat off you as it can.”;
increment bearturns of the bear.[/code]

I’m sure I’m doing something stupid. Suggestions?

Try replacing the < and > with the words “less than” and “greater than.” (You might also be able to do it by removing the word “is” before the < and > signs.)

(EDIT: By the way, I wouldn’t put something that long in the “end the story” phrase – it’d come out easier to read if you just had the game say that sentence normally and then end the story saying “You have been eaten, mostly,” or something like that.)

yup, that was it. “is” does not mix with an operator symbol.