call for submissions: works by women for IWD artpack

I don’t usually get bites from this corner but am nonetheless solid in my belief that we are all of the same overall community; I’ve made a couple of notable stumbles and gaffes here in the past but I have treated them as learning opportunities. Hope I don’t stick my foot in it too much this time around!

March is around the corner. International Women’s Day is March 8th. My underground computer artgroup Mistigris has long been releasing monthly artpack collections, often centered around themes, and recently we had the bright idea of wondering what an artpack (and, by extension, cyberspace and society) would look like populated solely by contributions by women creators. (Probably it would look less like a teenage boy’s bedroom walls, circa 1995, although if it still did – wouldn’t that be interesting!)

Unlike virtually all other artgroups, Mist has always managed to duck the curse of the sausage party, but going totally man-free for the first time is going to require a few more hands on deck, so we’ve had to pull the megaphone out of storage and see if we can rustle up any outside contributors.

Anyhow, the official call for submissions is at the link below. If anything there needs tightening up (the eternal hazard: sticking your other foot in it while cleaning off the foot that you first stuck in it) please drop me a line. My intentions are excellent, but the territory is very complicated. … e-by-women