[call for beta-testers] Ventilator


I have just finished my first Inform 7 game and am looking for beta-testers (I posted recently on the #betatesting bulletin board on the MUD).

‘Ventilator’ is a short piece of IF, a surreal comedy about the duel between one man and a ventilator which is trying to kill him. Here is an extract:

“It is really hot today. Sprawled across the bed of your hotel room, you lie sweltering in a growing puddle of sweat. There are no flies in the air, but that is only because they have all passed out on the floor…”

I plan to enter this game in the IFComp and am looking for betatesters well ahead of schedule. I would need annotated playthrough transcripts and feedback on how enjoyable (or not) it is to play.

If necessary you can contact me via the ifMUD or by email at peregrinewade@yahoo.co.uk!

Thanking you all in advance,

Yours sincerely


UPDATE: ‘Ventilator’ has gone through two rounds of betatesting but still needs at least one more. Play-testers needed!
Thanking you all in advance, (and a big thank you to everyone who volunteered for the earlier rounds of testing!)
Yours sincerely


I’ll have a go at this - feel free to send the game via the Intfiction message system.

Because of the rules of IFComp (no prior release) it’s not possible for me to post the game file here. Just email me and I’ll answer your email with the game file attached!

Thanks for the reply

Yours sincerely


There’s a link to send private messages in the upper left corner, next to the “Logout” link.

Oh, sorry, I didn’t know! Thank you so much, Draconis…