Call for beta-testers for "10 Second Defence" (PUBLISHED)

OK, it’s my first day, and I’m worried about making some sort of IF-social faux pas. So, hi everyone.

I’d be very happy to get one or more beta-testers for my Inform 7 game “10 Second Defence”. It’s a one-room, puzzle-heavy game with a short time limit, meant to be replayed until you get it right (a bit of a cross between “Rematch” and a low-budget “Varicella”, I guess). Some violent content, but nothing very graphical.

All testers will of course be credited, and I’ll repay you if you ever need a favour in the future.

Compulsory warnings: this is my first game, and I learned Inform pretty much from scratch while coding it (for Ludum Dare, no less). However, I’ve polished it as well as I can, and it has no known bugs (or I wouldn’t be submitting it for testing).

If you want to play it, inform me here or in PM and I’ll link you to the game.

I’d be interested in testing–let me know!

Unless anyone else wants to get in and beta-test, I’ll start working on the finalised version of this game now.

I’ll announce it when it’s ready. Thanks a lot to everyone who helped me with criticism!

You have a very solid game there–thanks for the opportunity!

Hi, I am interested as well unless it’s too late now.

When are you going to release this thing?

Do you need any help?

The last version I played was so close!

Oh, the game will definitely be released soon. It just turned out that one of my playtesters had some further advice to give, and since I’ve been a bit busy, I haven’t had time to implement the last changes.

But I haven’t given up on it, and it’ll be out before the end of the month at the latest.

Finished it. The final version of the game is now up on IFDb.

Look on my work; despairing optional.