Bureaucracy order form

I’m eager to play Bureaucracy but up to now only found versions which have an order form before the game. This is quite ok, but prevents playing the game nowadays, I think.

Is there a version of the game which hasn’t this form or is there any way to skip it?
Filling out the order form would not bring any result, I think.

You need to fill out the form in order to play the game. The game uses the stuff you write here at several places.

If you can’t fill it out and get into the game proper, something is broken about your interpreter or setup.


Which application/interpreter are you using to play it? & what’s happening? We can figure your problem out, most likely

I figured out how to come to the game. I took this form as real and thought which sense it would make today to pay infocom. Although it was taken over by Activision.