Bundling directions in "Insteads"

This is a silly level of detail to worry about, but I have one area where I’m railroading the player into sticking around. I don’t want to write:
instead of going south in the wild: say""
instead of going west in the wild:say""
instead of going south-west in the wild:say""

I’d like to say, “instead of [going south, west, east, sw, se]say:”".

Is that possible? I can’t find a similar example in looking.

I mostly just want it for more “optimized” and cleaner code.

Are there good examples of bundling things for instead rules somewhere that I should review?

Thank you in advance!

Here’s one way: Instead of going from The Wild when the noun is south or the noun is west or the noun is east or the noun is southwest or the noun is southeast: say "Tramp tramp tramp." And the extension Alternatives by Eric Eve provides sugar to that syntax – it lets you write Instead of going from The Wild when the noun is either south or west or east or southwest or southeast: say "Tramp tramp tramp."
But in the case of going this solution presupposes that there are rooms in those directions, or the action will fall through to the standard “You can’t go that way” response. If you want a custom response to going in a direction in which there is no room, this may be a better way: Instead of going from The Wild to nothing: say "Tramp tramp tramp."

Another option, which would probably be overfussy in this case:

Definition: a direction is wild-blocked if it is south or it is west or it is southwest.
Instead of going a wild-blocked direction in the Wild: ...

What I generally do is this, which is verbose but clear, and still lets me write the response message exactly once:

Check going south in the Wild:
	instead say "Nope."
Check going west in the Wild:
	instead try going south.
Check going southwest in the Wild:
	instead try going south.

(No particular reason I use “check” rather than “instead” – it’s just habit.)

Oh excellent–I love these examples, in particular the simple one that Felix posted, and the 2nd by Zarf.

I’ll go with one of those two: essentially, I’m just trying to avoid the default message–the player could, presumably, wander off into the forest they were lost in, but they wouldn’t, and I don’t want to have to write a dozen rooms around them.

I just want a “sensible” response if the player tries to do something bizarre–like wander off into the wilds.

My basic goal is to reward the player for experimenting by giving them a non-default message, but without creating too much extra work for myself, so I like both of the ideas. Thanks you two!