Bullhockey 2

After feeling stuck quite early on in Bullhockey 2, I had a look at the solution. However, I’m unable to do what the solution says. Has anyone else had this problem?

A minor, potentially irrelevant thing

The solution says to buy a newspaper. Trying this I get:

buy newspaper
(the newspaper box)
You already have your copy of the newspaper for today, why would you need another one??

A seemingly important thing

The solution says to go west from Mansion at Gate and find a dumpster. I’m unable to proceed west:

Just more houses. You’re only interested in the one containing Natalie.

This should hopefully help you:

There is something missing in your trashed newspaper. If you “search sentinel” you will discover what is missing and the new copy of the newspaper can be bought.

Once you have read the new copy of the sentinel, you should be able to go west from Mansion at Gate.


Thank you!

Ah, thanks, I got stuck in the exact same spot!