Bulleted List in a block of text

I have a fairly long block of text that if it were in a book would be either an unordered (bulleted) or ordered (numbered) list. I’ve checked all the documentation in the manual, in the recipe book and looked through extensions. I’ve not found something that would accomplish this.

With all that said, it’s not going to be a game-breaker if I don’t have it, but wondered if anyone knew of a way to do this or a source I missed somehow.

If you’re compiling to glulx, you can use the Glux Text Effects extension to set indentation. You can set separate indentation for the first and subsequent lines, so you should be able to imitate something like a bulleted or numbered list. You’d set the first line to have less indent than subsequent lines, with the bullet or number filling the space. This likely won’t be perfect, and may well not be treated exactly the same by every interpreter, but it should work acceptably.