built in actions

I’m not sure if they’re called actions, or rules…but I had made a rule for doing something, and someone said that it was a built in thing, and I was basically overriding it making the action. How do use the built ins?

sorta like you can type destoy something, and it says “violence isn’t the answer here”.

how do you tell inform that something is destroyable, climable, or any of the other built in features?

In the case of “destroy,” it’s (by default) just a synonym for “attack,” so to fiddle with it you mess with the Attacking action. Attacking is normally dismissed, so you either need to write an “instead” or unlist the block attacking rule, etc. You can also redefine “destroy” and attach it to a different noun (or make it a noun of your own) if you’d prefer it be separated from “attack.”

For a complete list, the Actions index (“Actions” is a tab under the general “Index” tab) is your pal. It’s got handy little unlisting buttons and such, too.

[code]The Quarry is a room. “It’s a quarry. No exits.”

The stone block is in the quarry.

Instead of attacking the block: say “You pummel the block to powder, using only your massive fists and forehead.”; remove the stone block from play;

ohh okay, awesome. Thanks for the info.

My favorite part of the actions tab is the “Actions A-Z” section. There you will find all the possible meanings of each command word - for example, you could go there and search for “destroy,” where you will find it’s a synonym for “attack.” Then you look for “attack” and find that there is just one way to parse it: “attack [something]” is parsed as the attacking action.

Do you know about the “actions” debugging command? If you enter it while you’re playing, it will tell you every action that is generated by your commands.

Brutal Legend reference?

I wish! There’s no PC version that I know of, so I never got to try that one. I do love Full Throttle and Grim Fandango, though.