Build Windows SETUP Package

I should first note that my game is not complete, but I want to make sure that I can properly release and distribute it when I am finished. Using TADS Workbench, I have discovered that all of the build options work except for the Windows SETUP Package (and of course Build All Packages and Build Web Page Package because those currently require a Windows SETUP Package). When I try to build the setup package, I get this error:

“mksetup: error: The requested operation requires elevation.”

I know (pretty much) what mksetup is, but I have no idea what the builder means by “elevation”. Has anyone else run into this issue?

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I figured out my issue, but ended up running into another one. I had this error because mksetup was in a subdirectory of my Program Files (x86) folder and TADS Workbench did not have admin access, so I just had to run it as admin before building.
My new problem is that when I run the .exe (but not when I run the game through the parser or through the workbench) all the window displays is:
“Network error: Unable to open game window”
I assume this is because it is a webui version, so it expects a network connection or something? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
p.s. Is it even worth it to use the webui?