Bug submission for broken Recipe Book examples?

Hi! Still new, still struggling.

Is the Hays Code example buggy, or am i doing something wrong?


Ah - i see the problem. When you copy/paste a code example from the webpage into the authoring tool, it strips out the paragraph breaks. Without a paragraph break between the title and the body of the project, the example fails.

(If i might say, and again from a newcomer’s perspective, that’s a pretty arbitrary problem for many new authors to suss out. The errors all report issues with syntax. It should be a quick and easy check for the authoring tool to detect, and report on, a missing paragraph break after the title and report that as an error, shouldn’t it?)

FYI - There is a special icon that will copy the entire set of example code, excluding explanatory paragraphs and with proper white space, for each example. It’s generally to the left of the title of the example, what looks like a page with writing on it (or a little blue square with dots on it).

Hmm. i copy/pasted from the online documentation (because Google search is way faster then IDE search). No such icon there. :\