Bug: "release along with cover art" causes figures not to show on the IDE

I’m on a Mac running Big Sur.

Long story short, the moment I added the line “Release along with cover art” to the end of my code, the IDE stopped showing the figures I have. Instead, it shows an exclamation mark, as if the link to the image is wrong:
It drove me crazy when this problem started happening out of the blue, but I started stripping down the code and realised it’s the “Release along with cover art” line that causes the problem.

Anyone else having the same issue?

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Linux user here. I’ve occasionally had similar problems, though never exactly that.

When you say the IDE stopped showing your figures, do you mean that the story you’re working on displays graphics, and they stop being displayed after going through the Release sequence? or that something in the IDE itself is not displaying correctly after releasing? (or something else entirely?)

Something I only worked out recently, which is probably not what you mean (though I mention it in case it is): If you’re looking at the Release page itself, and noticing that there’s an empty-image placeholder in place of the cover art you expect to see, then you might note that that requires that you have a “small cover” version (120x120 pixels) named Small Cover.jpg or Small Cover.png in the same location as the larger cover art image.

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It’s not the release sequence (ie pressing the Release button etc), only the addition of the specific line in the code that messes up the image display. Go figure.

Therefore, I comment it out while I work on the game and, when it’s time for release, I uncomment it. It’s a good enough workaround.

But it’s quite odd and I was just wondering if other people have the same problem.

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Typically the IDE interpreter cannot display the cover art image itself (e.g. if you have code to display that image on a title page etc), as it’s not actually added until release. But the other images should still display. (Disclaimer: tested only with Windows IDE.)

Adding cover art can change the ids of the images, though – are you sure you’re displaying images only based on their figure names and not via ids?

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What can I say? I suspect it must have been some MacOS upgrade that messed this thing up. I made a game with images a few years back and I remember I didn’t have such problems. When I re-opened the code this year, I had the effect described above.