Bug in Your Post-Apocalyptic To-Do List?

I’m trying to play “Your Post-Apocalyptic To-Do List”.

When I get to the “Today’s Highlights” screen on Day 4, there is no link to continue the game. This link is usually labelled “Grab some shuteye”, “Time to rest” or similar, but it doesn’t appear on Day 4.

This means I can’t finish the game. I can play for the first few minutes, but can’t continue.

(I think this is always on Day 4, but even if I’m wrong, it always happens eventually, so you can’t complete the game.)

@AdventureSnack , I’ll tag you here just in case I’m missing something. Here’s a screenshot.


Yeah, I’ve hit that too. The JavaScript console has an error from Ink: Uncaught StoryExceptionRUNTIME WARNING: (Ink Pointer -> All_Days_Contd.121.b.8.b.8 -- index 1): Variable not found: 'randodeath'. Using default value of 0 (false).


To be fair, I’m quite grateful if it hasn’t found the variable “randodeath”, it doesn’t sound like a variable I want to mess with.


I can get to day 6 or 7 if I guard my hogs from bikers occasionally. I suspect maybe it’s the bad event that fires when you don’t do that that’s causing the problem?


This is a great thread title. I stared at it for a few seconds before I realized it was referencing a game and then I was a little disappointed, because I imagine that giant mutant ants in your survival checklist would be a real problem worth some discussion.


Yes, I think you’re right, I think this happens when you die because of bikers.

I’ve managed to complete the game now, by guarding the farm every second day. Thanks!

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Hi everyone! Sorry for the annoyance and thanks for pointing this out.

I believe I just fixed the bug. It was caused by an improperly named variable that my playtesters and I must’ve missed because it’s a random event. If you hard refresh on the page, it will hopefully be fixed.

Gonna reply to individual comments in my next post…


@Graham - Thank you for catching that bug. Congrats on beating the game despite it AND avoiding “randodeath!” Have you considered a career as a Nintendo Game Counselor?

@JoshGrams - The JavaScript console helped me locate the error. Much obliged!

@EJoyce - You were 100% right!

@AmandaB - This game has big mutant hogs, but if I make a sequel, you better believe I’m gonna put mutant ants in it!



I’ve got to ask: was the bug that the variable “randomdeath” was referred to as “randodeath”?

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No, but that would’ve been funny!

Here’s what happened. There are two possible bad random events, one where a hog is killed (“randodeath”) and another where a hog is stolen (“randoswipe”). The code that makes both happen is structurally the same, so I copy-pasted from one section to the other. However, there are multiple instances of variables that needed to be renamed and I accidentally missed one. :sweat:

The lesson for me is to be extra careful around random mechanics, because they’re easy to miss in playtesting!