Bug in: Understand "! [text]" as a mistake ("Noted.")?

The documentation (6E72, 16.20) recommends using this phrase:

Understand "! [text]" as a mistake ("Noted.").

to incorporate the common beta-testing ‘note’ command to use in transcripts. But it appears that it doesn’t work. I get this Problem message:

Is this a bug in 6E72 or an error in documentation? If this is just an error in the documentation, how does one create the beta-testing command? :slight_smile:

(I’ve also tried using a ‘[’ as the command, but it doesn’t understand [bracket] in this context.)

It looks like a mistake in the documentation. “* [text]” seems to work, and the asterisk is more commonly used as a comment marker in transcripts anyway. Example 403 Alpha shows a way to use regular expressions to allow other punctuation.