Bug in Twine 2.3.5?

Hi, all!

I get the error message “missing ] after element list” and then the standard unhelpful “can be a problem with Javascript” in the very first passage of my game (not the startup-tagged).

1/ I can’t find the error (OK, that proves nothing :-))
2/ Everything else works fine. The game runs quite normally.

So, I’m wondering…

P.S : I use Harlowe 3.1.0.

I think you’ll need to provide at least the text of your initial Passage for anybody to be able to begin to provide any help. More might be needed, like your CSS and other supporting code. I don’t know of anyone else having reported anything similar, so it seems to be unique to what you’ve written.

Here you are, Selden. Thanks in advance.

Le Globe de Gloub.zip (97.0 KB)

A smattering of French might be useful, but as this seems to be only a syntax or typing problem…

The error is occurring within your Add Messages passage, and is caused by missing comas between the key/value pairs of your DataMap declaration.

The following example includes the missing comas.

(set: $CombatMsg to (dm:
	"1", "Ne vous quittant pas des yeux, vous tournez lentement l'un autour de l'autre.",
	"2", "Vous attaquez.  Touché ! Avec un grognement de douleur, il porte la main à sa blessure.",
	"3", "Vous changez votre lame de côté avant de porter votre coup et de toucher.",
	"4", "Vous attaquez, mais il arrive à parer votre coup.",
	"5", "Vous lui flanquez un grand coup d'épée, mais il esquive.",
	"6", "Il s'avance, les yeux fixés sur vous et bavant de rage.",
	"7", "Il esquive habilement votre coup. Il est agile, le bougre !",
	"8", "Il vous porte un coup droit, et touche !",
	"9", "Il se fend, et vous accusez le coup !",
	"10", "Il frappe mais son coup est mal ajusté, et il vous rate.",
	"11", "Il attaque et vous rompez, vous tenant hors de portée."

note: I have never before seen a project that uses multiple startup tagged passages the way you are, which is not to say you are using them incorrectly. Nor have I seen anyone else use such a tagged passage to add (extra) Textual content to the start of the first passage of a project. (I would of thought it would of been easier to add that extra content to the actual first passage itself.)

Hi, Greyelf.

I had missed the thing completely and I’m really ashamed. Thanks for your help.
For your other comments, now : this apparently complex structure is due to the fact that the project itself is supposed to get rather complex, and that I don’t like long passages : I like to keep my code as modular as possible.
However, as a first lesson from this ridiculous episode I now intend to limit myself to the first objective : porting to Twine the combat system I have created for I7.
Main features :

  • “Automatic” combat roughly following the D&D rules.
  • Fighting several opponents at the same time.
  • Changing opponents during a fight.
  • Changing weapons during a fight.
  • Parrying the next blow.
  • Fleeing.
  • Throwing projectiles ( stones, axes, alarm-clocks, whatever ).

In my opinion most of this could be ported to Twine. Do you think that it could interest somebody ?

Based on the fact that a number of people have asked questions (both here and elsewhere) relating to RPG related topics like Combat, Inventory, Actors/NPCs, etc… I would expect that there would be at least some interest in an implementation of a Combat sub-system.