Bug in DynamicRegions Extension (adv3Lite)

It has been reported to me that there is a bug in the new DynamicRegion extension that comes with version 1.1 of adv3Lite (released yesterday). This is likely to cause a run-time error where a DynamicRegion is used in conjunction with a SenseRegion.

If you want to patch your version of dynamicRegion.t (in the extensions directory under your adv3Lite installation), locate the block of code around line 153 that reads:

/* Modifications to Region to work safely with DynamicRegion */
modify Region
    /* A DynamicRegion cannot contain other regions */
            return nil;
        return inherited(region);

Then change the line that reads:



if(region && region.ofKind(DynamicRegion))

Alternatively you can download the corrected version from https://github.com/EricEve/adv3lite.