Bug in Conversation Responses which I found and fixed

Hey there,

Some of you might use Eric Eve’s Conversation Responses, or Conversation Nodes which includes said library.

Well, the Conversation Report Rules (Part 4) seem to be missing this line:

The standard response rule is listed first in the report answering it that rules.

Without this line of code, the standard response rule never gets listed in the report answering rules… and the result is “There is no reply.”

I had been working on a game and wondering why the answering did not seem to work. After three hours of sifting through possible causes, I finally noticed the missing line in the library. By adding that line, everything works fine now.

Perhaps one of you can pass this on to Eric Eve (I do not know how to contact him at the moment)

Happy Informing!

You’re absolutely right – good catch (though strange that this hasn’t come up before). I’ve now fixed my copy and will send it to the official Inform Extensions page. Sorry for any inconvenience caused in the meanwhile!

– Eric