Bubbling Beaker Awards: Press "reply" to continue

Yesterday marked the eleventh Bubbling Beaker Award®. I would like to take a quick measure of public opinion about the series:

  1. Have they been helpful or at least interesting to anyone who’s not a “mad scientist” by nature?

  2. The original idea was that each week’s award would encourage some Q&A about the techniques in use, to draw out nuances of the various subsystems and spread awareness of them to people who actually write games. In practice that hasn’t really happened. There seem to be many more readers than commenters; if you’re someone who has been following along but not posting, is there some reason that you’ve been holding back?

  3. I was over-optimistic about the rate of mad science activity. Weekly awards seem to be depleting the pool of qualifying posts rather quickly. Would the series still be useful if awards were granted on a monthly basis?


I always read the posts, but I lack the expertise to comment or ask questions. It’s really high-level stuff (as intended).


I personally ain’t interested, partially because I use Tads or homebrew, partially because any code discussion is too advanced and to specialized for me. But I guess I7 fans can benefit from this.

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I feel the same way about it like kamineko; the discourse is too advanced for me to comment, yet. But I read them all, and am happy that these discussions are saved here for future reference.


I’m a big fan!

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Echoing what others have said, I’m not proficient enough in the low level workings of Inform to be able to contribute much, but I always enjoy reading the awards.